Cerac Cercon Dental Crown Treatment

Dr. Goswami’s, Delhi Dental Center welcomes people looking for Cercon Zirconia Metal Free CAD CAM Designed, All Porcelain Full Ceramic Dental Crown and Bridge treatment procedures in Delhi, India.

Cercon or Cerac dental crowns are the most modern crowns in dentistry and they have no metal part in them.

Manufactured by DeguDent, These crowns have a slim and tooth colored very thin ultra strong zirconium base that replaces the metal base. Normal porcelain is built on these zirconia bases.

This means that this is full porcelain crown but it is much stronger than the normal full porcelain jacket crown. Cercon material is especially suitable for fabricating long dental bridges.

Cercon dental crowns are made from high quality ceramic, are strong, fracture resistant, pleasing to eye and most important bio-compatible.


Benefits of Cercon :

  • This is metal free material.
  • Good biocompatibility.
  • Long lasting prosthesis.
  • Cercon crowns have high translucency – looks just like your natural teeth.
  • CAD-CAM fabricated – high precision fitting.
  • Easy maintenance.


Cercon Zirconia Metal Free has years of clinically documented quality. Cercon is a high tech material with high strength values…………..

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