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Delhi Dental Center is a Leading Dental Implant Clinic in Delhi, India. We welcome people looking for Immediate Loading Immediate Function, Basal, Keyhole, Single, multiple or full mouth All-on-4 , All-on-6, All-on-8 , All-on-10 Dental Implant Treatment Surgical Procedures of International standards in India & abroad.

Our Full Mouth Dental Implant Specialist Dentist team, specialize in a narrow specialty – on advanced oral rehabilitation of edentulous jaws with various dental implant treatment options.

Dental Implants are basically replacement for your missing tooth roots. Missing teeth can cause problems from impaired eating to jaw bone loss. Dental Implants are made of surgical grade Titanium and are inserted into the jaw bone where there is a missing tooth space. These metal posts acts as a substitute for your tooth root. These teeth implants are designed to provide the new foundation for missing teeth replacements which feel, look and function like your natural teeth.

Top Best Dental Implant Clinic in India.

Our Dental Implant Clinic in Delhi has always been a benchmark for dental implant treatments in India for more than a decade. Our teeth implant success rates are 99.9 % with more than 15,500 implant placements.

Leading Dental Implant Clinic in India

Why is Delhi Dental Center is a Leading Dental Implant Clinic in Delhi?

1. Top Best team of highly qualified & professional implantologists in Delhi, India.

2. Adoption of advanced Diagnostic techniques for implant placement.

3. Always up-grading to new surgical technologies.

4. Onsite dental implant lab for customised implant prosthesis.

5. All our implants are immediate loading – immediate function.

6. Save up-to 60 to 70% on your dental implant treatment with us as compared to western countries.

Dental Implant restoration type for missing teeth conditions.

Dental Implant treatment procedures provide a long-term solutions for missing teeth replacements or damaged teeth with poor prognosis. Teeth implants can be done to treat several missing teeth conditions.

1. Single missing teeth.

2. Multiple missing teeth.

3. Edentulous jaw with no teeth.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

When someone has all missing teeth or teeth are in a condition that all need to be replaced, we have the following treatments for them

  • Full Mouth Dental Implant Bridges fixed on dental implants.
  • Implant supported Fixed Dentures.
  • All-on-4.
  • All-on-6.
  • All-on-8.
  • All-on-10.


Just as with one missing tooth, several missing teeth can be easily treated with dental implants.

If multiple teeth are missing in different parts of the mouth, several single tooth Implant crowns may replace missing tooth spaces at each area,

If several teeth are missing together in the same region then Dental Implant Bridge has to be done. An Implant Fixed Bridge is same like a conventional dental bridge, except the support is actually is on the implant rather than natural teeth.

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Single Missing Tooth Replacement

When you have a single missing tooth, or a tooth that is irreparably compromised the best permanent replacement is a dental implant in conjunction with a Zirconia All-Porcelain Full-Ceramic metal free CAD CAM Dental Crown.

Replacing your missing or damaged tooth is important for your long-term dental health; otherwise changes in the bite may occur to compensate for the lost tooth space.


Types of Dental Implants

Your Dental implant treatment procedure is normally done in two visits. The teeth implant post will need to be left to integrate with human jaw bone from days to weeks to months before the prosthesis or false teeth cap is placed over the implant post.

1st Visit – Implant post placement.

2nd Visit – Prosthesis over implants ( crown, bridges or dentures ).

Conventional Implants

Conventional implants are applicable for almost everyone looking for replacement of Single, Multiple or all teeth missing conditions. There will a difference of 4 to 8 months in both stages of your treatment as this will let the implant post to integrate with the jaw bone.

Immediate Implants

Immediate implants are known as Same day implants. These are placed during the same time when we extract a tooth. Crowns, bridges or dentures may or may not be placed on these during the same trip. Immediate teeth implants are recommended only for good jaw bone conditions.

Basal Implants

Basal teeth implants are only & only designed for Immediate Loading – Immediate functioning so as the patient will be able to get his permanent new tooth with next 1 to 2 days’ time of implant placement.

Flapless Key hole implants

Now with new innovative less invasive surgical techniques have come up, along with new surgical protocols and surgically upgraded dental implant instruments.

With the latest technologies & techniques now place implants with flapless technology.

Immediate Loading – Immediate Function Implants

Immediate Loading – Immediate Function Dental Implants are those where we are putting the implant and at the same time we are giving a false temporary crown on the implant or a final zirconia crown on them at the same time, it is also called as same day implant same day teeth, teeth in an hour concept.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Strong & stable (tightly fixed) solution for your missing teeth space.
  • A secure solution that lets you eat what you want.
  • The only fixed alternative in situation where gaps at the rear end or where there are no natural teeth available for fixed bridge abutment support.
  • Gives better strength and stability than dentures.
  • Preserves your facial appearance and prevents dental bone loss.
  • Gives a nice natural smile.
  • Offers a long-lasting solution, often for life.
  • Renewed confidence and improved quality of life as well.
  • No more caries for dental implant.
  • Save adjacent teeth. Prevents bone loss of existing teeth and its drifting into surrounding space of the missing teeth.
  • Correct an altered bite.

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