Endodontic Root Canal Materials We Use

Delhi Dental center – One of the best Endodontic root canal treatment Dental Clinic in Delhi has the latest collection of endodontic machines and materials to do the best root canal treatment possible for their patients – we have LED fitted endomotor, digital RVG x-ray sendosr, digital endodontic ultrasonic activator, best root canal irrigants, latest apex locator in India, for root canal filling we have obturation gun and pen with us..

  • Latest LED light fitted Rotary Endo-motor machine.
Root Canal Treatment Delhi
  • We Have Digital x-ray machine — R.V.G with us for detailed screening of the tooth in question.


  • We use Single disposable root canal heat activated NiTi rotary and Hand files.
Root Canal Treatment Delhi
  • We use Endodontic Ultrasonic Activator to remove debris from the walls and clean them efficiently……


  • We use proper root canal Irrigants to clean root canals properly…..


  • We use world’s latest Apex locators with 4.5’ LCD screen for going till the apex of the root tip.
Root Canal Treatment Delhi
  • We use world’s best root canal medicaments as well as fillers.


  • We use world’s latest root canal filling Gun and Heat Activated Sealer machine to fill the root canal to utmost precision. 
RCT Treatment Delhi