Immediate Loading Dental Implants

Whenever bone condition and density are favorable and an implant is placed at the same time when the tooth is removed for its socket, such a procedure is called as Immediate Loading Dental Implants placement.

With new advancements in implant dentistry today Dr Amit Goswami at his Dental Implant Treatment clinic in New Delhi, India – offers Immediate Implants with Immediate Loading – Immediate Function.

At our dental implant center we consider this as a standard procedure as with this procedure we prevent any change in shape of the bone and the gums surrounding the extracted tooth space.

This is convenient for our patient as well as all the surgical procedure is completed in One Visit only.

Such a technique is being referred to as Immediate Implants, One-Day Implants, Implant in a Day, Single Day Implants or Same Day Implants.

This means that the patients will have new tooth roots upon leaving the office.

Only in few cases where the tooth is infected and has abscess under it, it is always better to remove that infected tooth and give time to bone for healing and then only place an implant at the site.

Immediate Dental Implants Delhi India

Immediate Loading – Immediate Function Dental Implants

With today’s latest new generation of dental implants Dr. Amit Goswami & his implant team at Delhi Dental Implant Clinic, will give you permanent or temporary prosthesis immediately during the same treatment visit when the dental implants are surgical placed – This is known as Immediate Loading Immediate Function Dental Implants.

The immediate loading of dental implants shortens the treatment time and makes it possible to give the patient an esthetic appearance during the whole treatment period. This new modality provides enhanced patient satisfaction and simplifies the work of the treatment team.

The procedure is easy and very efficient : in one appointment is not only surgery performed but a provisional crown is also in place. Patient discomfort is much reduced due to the less invasive procedure. Within next 2 days our patient will receive permanent crowns as well.

With our BOI & Basal Implants from IHDE ( from Switzerland ) we can give single multiple or even full arch implant fixed prosthesis to our patients in single trip to Delhi India.

Why immediate?

Immediate loading & immediate Function of implant makes it easy for both patients and dentists: Implants become a natural adjunct to teeth and the patients get immediately restored with new set of teeth – and immediate quality of life.

Advantages of Immediate Loading Dental Implants :

  • Less Discomfort: Patients experience minimal discomfort, especially during a flapless procedure.
  • Reduced Chair time: The one-stage surgical procedure reduces chair time, saving the patient time, expense and discomfort.
  • Immediate Functionality: An aesthetic restoration can be achieved immediately, providing patients with immediate gratification.
  • Stable and Aesthetic Soft Tissue: Marginal gingival tissues remain stable.
  • Reduced Bone Loss: The Osseo conductive implant surface and the immediate function protocol reduce the potential bone loss at the alveolar crest.

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