Teeth Whitening Cost

At Dr. Goswami’s, Delhi Dental Center, one of the leading Laser tooth whitening clinic in Delhi offers best price laser speed L.E.D. Cool light tooth whitening home bleaching treatment procedures in Delhi India.

The cost of laser speed teeth whitening depends on how stained your tooth structure is and how many cycles of tooth whitening you may require.

With our latest tooth whitening gels and teeth whitening products available with our tooth whitening clinic in New Delhi we are able to remove stains from your tooth surface that have occurred due to — Tea, Coffee, tea, Cola, Red Wine, Tetracycline or Fluoride.

We will be able to remove Grey, Yellow, Brown stains caused by above said products without causing Sensitivity to your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Dentist Delhi

Teeth Whitening Cost Compared to Other Countries

As compared to the cost of tooth whitening in London in England, Poland, Budapest in Hungry, Sydney Melbourne Brisbane in Australia, Canada, Bangkok, Pukhet in Thailand and most western countries our cost is very less or you can say our charges are 1/ 10th with the same equipment that the other clinics are using worldwide, same materials and under strict sterilizations and because of all this our tooth and teeth whitening clinic in India is look at by more than 70 countries and people come to us for whitening and other dental procedures and when they leave India after treatment they save a lot of money as well..

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