Recovery expectations after laser tooth whitening treatment procedure in Delhi, India.


It is very important for patient undergoing dental tooth bleaching and laser teeth whitening procedures to understand the recovery expectations for their teeth after they get laser cool light L.E.D tooth whitening or dental home bleaching procedures.

Cosmetic & Smile Designing tooth whitening dentist at Delhi Dental Center, a leading tooth whitening dental clinic in Delhi, always tell their patients in detail about all the possible recovery expectations, maintenance & after care of their teeth after getting laser tooth whitening treatment procedure at their dental clinic in Delhi, India.


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Recovery Expectations after tooth whitening.


Some people who undergo in-office whitening may experience some sensitivity in their teeth.

This sensitivity should be gone within 1-2 days.

Sensitivity from at home whitening will dissipate after a 1-2 days of rest between whitening applications.

As time progresses many more people are undergoing whitening treatment to uphold a bright, glowing smile.

Despite achieving the results of treatment, stains can return within an initial couple of months of treatment.

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So, to keep the brightened appearance, there are approaches to protect the teeth and prolong the treatment. Various methods may be employed to prolong the treatment results, such as:

  • Brush or flush out mouth with water after eating and drinking.
  • Floss to remove plaque and biofilms between the teeth.
  • Take special care during the first 2 days, the first 24 to 48 hours after the whitening procedure is seen as the most crucial period in which you must protect for your teeth the most. Hence, it is vital that non-staining drinks are foods are eaten during this time as enamel is prone to adhere to stains.
  • Drink fluids that may cause staining through a straw.
  • Depending on the method used to whiten the teeth, re-treatment every six months or after a year may be required.
  • If an individual is a smoker or they consume beverages with the capacity to stain, regular re-treatments would be required.

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