Are you looking for your fractured or decayed teeth treatment in Delhi India?


Get a high quality  Tooth colored composite white dental filling at our Delhi Dental Clinic in East Delhi. Receive your teeth filling in Delhi with advanced medical and dental equipments.
We are certified and professional Delhi cosmetic dentists awaiting for your dental treatment. Receive good quality specialized dental fillings in Delhi.


Light cure dental fillings or composite dental fillings or tooth colored dental fillings are dental restorations that are used to restore teeth with small to big dental decay or having dental cavities in them.
Many people who are having there old mercury fillings or are having cracks in them or they have fractured mercury amalgam fillings can get them changed to all new esthetic tooth colored dental fillings in Delhi at our Delhi dental center in east Delhi.


Ours is one of the first mercury free dental clinics in Delhi India, so we don’t have silver mercury dental fillings. We will change your old broken silver filling to a new tooth colored filling at our East Delhi dental fillings center at New Delhi India.


Advances in dental technologies have made tooth colored dental fillings best as for their properties and a good alternative for metal amalgam fillings. There are basically two type of tooth colored fillings.


Composite dental fillings at New Delhi India.

The base material in these fillings is a composite quartz resin crystals impregnated in a light activated agent. It is placed in the prepared dental cavity and then activated with light to get hardened.
Our only dental clinic in Delhi has a arc light and a L.E.D based cordless light technology which hardens the filling material in as less than 10 seconds time … as compared to other conventional light systems which normally takes 2 – 3 minutes time.
These are the most widely used white dental fillings in cosmetic dentistry and they are used for repairing broken teeth or chopped teeth also called as Dental Bonding. These fillings come in various shades so you can have the same color dental filling as your original tooth color.


Glass Ionomer Dental Fillings at Delhi India.

these dental fillings comes in a limited shades so cant be done in the front teeth area. They are also not as strong as the composite fillings so are always used for small dental cavity fillings or in pediatric dental filling patients – as they contain good amount of fluoride in them.