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Dental Implant Treatment Clinic in New Delhi, India; welcomes people looking for a replacement of missing tooth space with immediate loading immediate function single dental implant with a zirconia implant crown.

We specialize in narrow specialty – advanced oral reconstruction & rehabilitation of edentulous jaws with different dental implant treatment options.


A Single dental implant crown is an ideal permanent treatment for single missing tooth replacement.

Single tooth implant is normally composed of three components:

  1. Dental Implant body – made of Titanium.
  2. Abutment — holds the crown that is screwed or cemented on to the implant body.
  3. Implant Crown — the false tooth on an implant.

Missing tooth replacement with Single Dental Implant.

A Dental Implant Crown is a permanent treatment for replacing a missing tooth space, this will bring back your confidence.

Get a check-up and free consultation at leading Dental Implant Hospital in Delhi.

Save up to 60 % money, on your implant treatment in India.

Immediate Loading – Immediate Function Dental Implants.

Get new set of teeth with in 6 to 10 days’ time.

When you have a single missing tooth, or a tooth that is irreparably compromised the best permanent replacement is a dental implant in conjunction with a Zirconia All-Porcelain Full-Ceramic metal free Dental Crown.

Replacing your missing or damaged tooth is important for your long-term dental health; otherwise changes in the bite may occur to compensate for the lost tooth space.

A single tooth implant between two adjacent natural teeth is a perfect dental restoration, the appearance is almost undetectable and the success rates are close to 100%.

In fact, dental implants have become the most conservative treatment of choice for people looking for replacing their missing tooth, without harming your adjacent teeth or gum tissue.

All our implant surgeries are done under strict sterilization and sedation to minimize any pain or discomfort.

We have Thirteen Dental Implant systems with us to work with.

Get treatment at Authorized Implant Clinic & by Certified Dentist in India.

All our systems are ADA and CE approved.

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Single Tooth Dental Implant Vs fixed dental bridge :

  • Provides many advantages over other tooth replacement options.
  • Looks and functions like your own natural tooth.
  • Replaces a single missing tooth space without sacrificing the adjacent teeth, as in other options like for fixed bridges the adjacent teeth has to be ground down to support the cemented bridge.
  • As it replaces the tooth root, the bone around is better preserved than in a fixed bridge – as the implant integrates ( osteo-integration ) with the jaw bone.
  • Is more aesthetic and easier to clean than a porcelain bridge, as gums can recede around a bridge making it exposed and allowing the bacteria to decay the teeth that anchor the bridge.
  • Corrects altered bite.
  • Is a stable and secure solution that allows you to eat what you want.

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