How Long Does All on 4 Dental Implant System Last ?

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One of the concerns people have about any dental treatment is how long it will last. With All-on-4, the data suggests that it is a very long-lasting, although because it is a newer system we don’t know for sure exactly how long.


Prosthesis Survival vs. Implant Survival

It’s important to remember that All on 4 implant dentures are made up of two different parts: the Dental Implant that are placed inside the bone and the visible denture that connects to those implants. When we are talking about the long-term survival of All on 4 implant dentures, we have to take both into account. Fortunately, the data shows that both these aspects of survival are very good.


Great Long-Term Success for Dental Implants

So far, the longest studies we have seen about All on 4 implant dentures look at their survival rate of 10 years. Over these ten years, studies show that All on 4 dental implants are comparable to or better than other dental implant systems. At five years, the implant success rate was 98%, with 95% of patients experiencing not a single dental implant failure. At the ten-year mark, implant survival rate was 95%, with 94% of patients experiencing not a single implant failure. Some studies, which only ran to five years, showed an implant survival rate of 98%, with 93% of patients experiencing not a single implant failure.


Prosthesis Survival Rates Are Amazing

The All on 4 implant denture is designed to stand up to the demanding conditions of replacing an entire arch of teeth. As a result, these implant dentures experience few failures. Over one five-year study involving 242 dentures, not a single denture had failed.

In the ten-year study, 245 dentures were used, with only two failing over the entire ten-year period. Thus, we can confidently say that All on 4 implant dentures are 99% likely to last ten years.


Forecasting Beyond 10 Years: The Future Looks Bright

So what can we say about how long All on 4 implant dentures are going to last beyond this initial 10 year period ? First, we can look at other studies of dental implants.

These studies show that about 60% of dental implant failures occur during the first year. After that period, failures are less frequent. When a person experiences one dental implant failure, they are more likely to experience another because many of the causes of implant failure are systemic to the mouth. So it’s likely that most, if not all, of the patients with surviving implants at 10 years will still have them at 15 or even 20 years. Overall, studies seem to indicate that about 93% of implants are still in place after 17 years.

When it comes to All on 4 implants, it seems that the conditions are right for implants to continue surviving. Dental implants will usually show warning signs of possible failure, such as loss of bone and receding gums around dental implants. With All on 4 implant dentures, the bones remain healthy and the gums are stable, so the implants are more likely to last 20 years or more.

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