The way in which braces should be applied is usually determined by our Dental Braces Specialist Dentist at our Braces Dental Clinic in Delhi, India, who assesses the state of the teeth.

There are usually three basic phases of treatment for misaligned teeth:

  • The Initial placement of the braces: Brackets are attached to teeth along with an arch wire and sometimes ring-like bands to hold the braces in place.
  • The brace is adjusted periodically until the desired alignment is achieved. The mouth may feel sore for a few days after an adjustment or tightening.
  • A retainer is worn after removal of braces to stabilize the teeth.

Most patients need to wear the braces for one to three to nine months’ time and it is important that good oral hygiene is maintained during this time.

Brushing and flossing daily, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and visiting the dentist regularly are all very important factors in ensuring the success of the braces.