When you hear dental implant Dentist talking about an “immediate loading – immediate function” dental implants — they’re talking about attaching a temporary crown and then a final crown very soon after they’ve inserted the dental implant.

This is mainly for aesthetic purposes, but immediately loaded implants can be functional as well. This means you can eat with them and brush with them. And you can get a complete dental implant in one day, meaning it can be for multiple teeth or all your teeth, or just a single tooth.

One type of immediately loaded dental implants is an All-on-4 lower implant fixed hybrid denture. This is where four implants are placed in the jaw bone to give support for an entire denture. In this case, the dentist would place a temporary prosthesis over the implants for a natural look while the implants fuse to the bone.


The difference between immediate-load implants and traditional implants is the time between placing the implants and placing the crown. With traditional implants, your dentist may want to wait for several weeks before placing a dental crown on your implant. This is because your bone needs to heal and fuse with the implant.


An immediate loading dental implant is when a dentist attaches a temporary crown right after inserting the implant. A traditional implant may require 3-6 months in between placing the implant and setting the crown.

While a standard dental implant can take months to be completed, an immediate dental implant can provide you a new set of teeth in a matter of several weeks.


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