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Delhi Dental Center, is a leading dental braces clinic in East Delhi for invisible tooth coloured clear orthodontic treatments, we offer painless fast working 3 to 6 months invisible dental braces for adults and teenagers.

Invisible Tooth Coloured Painless Dental Braces Treatment in Delhi.

Get your teeth straighten up in just 3 to 6 months’ time with our Painless, Invisible, Tooth colored, ceramic porcelain plastic or composite fast working dental braces.

If the thought of smiling with a mouth full & metal braces is putting you off orthodontic treatment, Clear Invisible braces could be the treatment method for you.


These are best suited for working professionals or college students, as they are the least visible and comfortable. These are specifically designed to work well for adult patients and give faster results in them, they work well in hard bone conditions.

Different Dental Braces We Use

Invisible braces can help you deliver what patients want – beautiful smiles in less time with no discomfort. Invisible teeth braces are painless and give results beyond previously conceived expectations in very short duration of time, with very few auxiliary appliances and with far greater patient comfort.


What are Invisible clear braces?

Invisible dental are orthodontic devices to straighten the teeth. Most common type of invisible braces include ceramic braces, clear braces, composite braces or even aligner treatment in Delhi. These are generally more expensive than traditional conventional metal braces.

Invisible orthodontic braces are similar to conventional braces, except for the fact that these brackets and wires are made using a clear tooth coloured material as porcelain, ceramic, composite or plastics, as these blend easily with the rest of the surrounding tooth colour.


When do I need invisible braces?

Invisible tooth coloured clear orthodontic teeth braces treatments are designed for adults and older teenagers, but are basically not recommended when baby teeth are present. Children and young teenagers facing orthodontic treatment in Delhi, will be accessed at our dental braces clinic and determined if they are good candidate for dental braces treatment. Invisible braces can be used to treat following conditions:

  • Overbite or overjet
  • Crowded or widely spaced teeth
  • Crooked teeth

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Why invisible braces?

Invisible dental braces clinic in Delhi recommends porcelain ceramic composite plastic invisible tooth coloured teeth braces treatment procedures in Delhi & India, for most teens and adults nowadays because this way they do not feel self-conscious while wearing them. Tooth coloured clear braces are for patients who wants orthodontic treatment but do not want to compromise on their looks.

Following are the main reasons for their recommendation:

  • Painless treatment.
  • Invisible almost.
  • Braces have round edges, no cuts – no mouth ulcers during treatment.
  • Very small in size, barely visible from a distance.
  • Works very fast.
  • Excellent results.


Pay in Easy Monthly installments.


Advantages & benefits of invisible tooth coloured clear braces.

  • Computer crafted – Invisible braces are made using latest digital mapping and molding technologies.


  • Transparent – Like the name says, invisible braces are clear tooth coloured so virtually invisible. Many adults and teens want straighter teeth but do not like the idea of everyone knowing they have braces. Invisible braces can correct crooked teeth without compromising your confidence or smile.


  • Comfortable – Edges are contoured so very comfortable to wear. Unlike traditional braces, invisible braces are made of a smooth plastic material. There are no metal protrusions which can puncture or scratch the inside of the mouth.


  • Effective – another advantage of invisible braces is the opportunity to see the gradual progression of the teeth shifting into place. The treatment is completed in a very short time span of 3 to 6 months.


  • Clean – They are effectively designed to look very clean all the time. you are not limited in the types of food you can eat. With traditional braces, there are some food items can become entangled in the brackets and make them difficult to clean. Food can become trapped in the metal wires and the wearer may not even realize it until much later.


  • Great looking – All edges are round and contoured so these look very small in size, as they are clear they merge with the tooth colour almost invisible to eye.


Time duration of tooth coloured invisible braces treatment.

Depending on the condition of your teeth, tooth coloured braces treatment in Delhi can take three to six months tie for normal to moderate cases and in sever correction cases it will take eight to nine months of treatment time. Once your orthodontist in Delhi will be happy with his treatment outcome and teeth alignment he did, we will remove your braces clean your teeth and will give you permanent retainers that has to be in place for few years.


Why choose Delhi Dental Braces Clinic for your invisible braces treatment in Delhi?

We at Delhi Dental Braces Clinic in Delhi, use the approach of putting the patient requirements and needs always first in place. Our main aim is to make sure that the invisible tooth coloured braces treatment that you take for us gives you a painless, comfortable, safe, timely, very fast and highly precise results. We have team of highly experienced dental braces specialist dentist – orthodontist in Delhi, who as a team will ensure that right from your first visit to the final same dentist will see you from start to finish of your treatment.

We at Delhi Dental Center have made it our mission to provide outstanding dental care with commitment of honesty, compassion, quality and integrity.


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Dr. Amit & Vandana Goswami, one of the leading cosmetic dentist in Delhi, owner of specialty cosmetic smile designing, dental make-over orthodontic & teeth braces clinic in East Delhi, welcome adult people who are looking for cosmetic smile enhancement, smile designing other cosmetic dental treatments for their mal-aligned crooked permanent teeth by means of 3 to 6 months fast working painless invisible tooth colored dental braces, clear aligner treatment at very affordable, best price & low cost in Delhi NCR.


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