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Step: 1 – Get a Free Treatment Plan & Quote.

In order to get your complete dental treatment plan along with the proposed dental treatment charges and fee without any commitment or hidden charges, please click the link Patient Query Formin our dental clinic website, once open kindly fill in your personal details. The fields marked mandatory must be filled. Give us a brief description of your dental problems and required dental treatments.

We had given a dental tooth chart – that will help you clearly specify the tooth you wanted to have a treatment by a number, kindly specify each tooth with number clearly.

Kindly send us your teeth and mouth photos, if you have them send it to us with jpg format. If you don’t have them then – kindly put your digital camera on macro mode function and take one front photo of your teeth with lips apart, a right-side photo of your teeth with lips apart and a left side photo of your teeth with lips apart.

We require pictures of your O.P.G x- ray or Panoramic X-Ray of your mouth, which can be taken at either dental clinic, x-ray clinics or hospitals.

Panoramic / OPG dental X-ray examinations provide valuable information that our dentist could not collect otherwise. With the help of these radiographs, we can look at what is happening beneath your visible oral tissues in your jaw bone around your teeth.

You can send these things on our e-mail ID — .


Step: 2

Once we get your query, within 24 hours Dr Amit Goswami will personally reply to your dental query via e-mail. All your desired questions will be answered. Then we will study your x–rays and your O.P.G and see your teeth photos and will formulate your treatment plan and a tentative dental treatment cost.

Now at this time we recommend you to call Dr Amit on a mutually fixed time to discuss your dental treatment plan in person which will give you an idea of how the dentist will think he is going to do your treatment.


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Step: 3 – Booking

Let us know your decision about the dental treatment plan of yours and we will be glad to book your appointment. Let us know about your preferred date of travel we will book your dental appointment. We will assist you for your hotel accommodation and airport pickup.


Step: 4 – Your First Appointment

At the time of your first consultation with us we will answer all your questions and will give you clear information about our treatment plan including its advantages and disadvantages to you and also the total cost of your dental treatment. With your agreement we will start your dental treatment at Delhi Dental Center.


At Delhi Dental Center, our dental tourism concepts for international patient services includes:

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