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Are you tired of hiding your teeth every time you smile?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a big, bright, and beautiful smile? Teeth Whitening will safely lighten the colour of your teeth, reduce discoloration and staining, to give you a sparkling white smile.

The term “tooth whitening” can pertain to a number of techniques to improve the brightness of a patient’s set of teeth.

Whiter teeth in just 15 to 21 days at Home.

If you are not sure if Home tooth whitening treatment procedures are suitable for you.

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Tooth Whitening in Delhi

Home tooth whitening solutions are products that contain peroxide that bleaches the tooth enamel. These whitening products typically rely on percentages of Carbamide peroxide as the bleaching agent that comes in several different concentrations.

Peroxide-containing tooth bleaching kits typically comes in a gel and are placed in a mouth-guard, there are other variants as well – tooth whitening strips & home tooth whitening pre-loaded trays.


  • Over-the-counter (OTC) Whitening Kits These kits Typically includes a whitening bleaching gel with a concentration lower than that of the professionally dispensed take-home whiteners that is applied to the teeth via one-size-fits-all trays, whitening strips or paint-on applicators. In many cases this may only whiten a few of the front teeth unlike custom trays that can whiten the entire front smile.
  • Professionally Dispensed Take-Home Bleaching Kits These kits are done at a dentist’s office. Your tooth whitening cosmetic dentist in Delhi, will take an impression so you can have a custom-made tooth bleaching mouth guard that precisely fits your teeth. Additionally, the concentration of this whitening option is much higher than the OTC counterpart so it can work more effectively.

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Tooth Whitening in Delhi

At Dr. Goswami’s Delhi Dental Center, we take pride in being a premier provider of Opalescence® Whitening Systems by Ultradent company from USA for many years now, because we only want our patients to receive top-quality products when it comes to improving their smiles.

Types of Home Bleaching Kits

Zero Pain


Most reliable


least Sensitivity


Highest success rate




Opalescence® by Ultradent USA was the first ADA accepted, syringe delivered, take-home bleaching gel. The patented formula has unique sticky and adhesive properties, which produce teeth whitening results in 1-2 weeks

Prior to the Opalescence® home bleaching gel, the process was tedious and time-consuming with varying levels of patient acceptance. The active ingredient in the Opalescence® teeth whitening gel is carbamide peroxide. Opalescence® PF carbamide peroxide-based gels come in strengths of 10%, 15% & 20%.

The safety and effectiveness of Opalescence® home bleaching gel is unsurpassed. This teeth whitening system is recommended for discolored teeth prior to placement of composite veneers, dental crowns, or bridges, were porcelain and other restorative materials will not be able to whiten.

Brighten your smile up to 6 – 8 shades…….

Unlike other home bleaching gels, the Opalescence® is a sticky formula that does not leak from its home bleaching tray. Patients experience teeth whitening results quickly which leads to high treatment compliance. A university study proved that the Opalescence® home bleaching gel can be active for 8-10 hours for an overnight home bleaching session.


The Opalescence® home bleaching gel has an estimated shelf life of 18 months if kept refrigerated and 12 months if kept outside the refrigerator.


The Key to Success

A home bleaching or “take-home” whitening process starts in our clinic with a dentist taking an impression of your mouth to make your own custom-fitted mouth trays. The trays are tried on to make sure they fit correctly, then our home whitening Delhi dentist will prescribe you a solution of carbamide peroxide to use at home for a period of time.

This home tooth whitening system can be used instead of an in-office laser whitening, or it may used to enhance or prolong the effects following a laser teeth whitening treatment.

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Tooth Whitening in Delhi

Advantages & benefits of home tooth whitening treatment.

  • You can control the degree of whiteness by yourself. Need more. Do more.
  • This is the most economical method in all forms of tooth whitening treatment procedures.


Disadvantages & drawbacks of home tooth whitening treatment.

  • This procedure will require two visits to our office.
  • The duration of treatment will be in 1-3 weeks.

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