Dental Crown Cost in New Delhi, India

Delhi Dental Center, welcomes people looking for best price low cost — Zirconia, metal free, CAD – CAM, All Porcelain, Full ceramic – dental crown and bridge treatment procedure at a dental clinic meeting world class treatment standards in New Delhi India.

As with many dental treatment prices, the fees for tooth cap or crown and bridge treatment vary from clinic to clinic — Each clinic is going to give you a very different price tag.

Our Delhi Dental Center in India has been looked over by people in more than 120 countries for providing best price low cost affordable dental crown and bridge treatment as compared to crown and bridge treatment in America, Canada, Australia, eastern European countries as Budapest in Hungary, check republic etc and Bangkok Thailand.

If you calculate the total price of crown treatment price of a clinic in Thailand and ours you will be saving more than 50 % on your treatment price………

Apart from the cost factor, there is really no difference between the dental crown materials used — making techniques and the equipments used what so ever in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

The cost of having a dental crown at Delhi Dental Center in India will be at least 50 to 120 % less compared to these countries, without any compromise on the quality.

This may surprise many people, here is what you can expect for the cost of different type of crown and bridge at Delhi Dental Center….

A rough price estimate form our side —

Dental Treatment

Western Countries


Your Saving

Porcelain fused to metal 
• Conventional crowns 1000 USD $ 4500 INR = 82 USD $ 90%
• CAD / CAM made 1350 USD $ 6500 INR = 118 USD $ 95%
All Porcelain Crowns.
• E.max 1500 USD $ 8,500 INR = 154 USD $ 85%
• 3M-LAVA 1700 USD $ 10,000 INR = 181 USD $ 85%
Zirconia crowns.
• 5 years warranty. 2200 USD $ 12,000 INR = 218 USD $ 90%
• 10 years warranty. 2600 USD $ 15,000 INR = 272 USD $ 85%
• 15 years warranty. 3500 USD $ 20,000 INR = 363 USD $ 85%

For more details and best price offers on your crown and bridge work from Delhi Dental Center kindly contact us or please fill our patient enquiry form.

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