Dr Amit and Dr Vandana…thank you very much for all this time you have been caring for me. You certainly have not disappointed me at all. You took care of every aspect of my dental treatment in a very thorough and very professional manner. I definitely found all the answers to my long-term dental problems at your clinic. I cannot t…hank you enough for all you have done for me. You are definitely smile designers that not only take are of the visual aspects of the treatment but first take care of the root of all the dental problems. It has certainly been a real privilege to have known the best dentist in the whole Delhi. Thank you very much
Oscar Martin – Spain.( Dental Implants, Tooth Whitening, All Porcelain Dental Crowns )
I had only a few appointments for my surgery, which didn’t take much time. The initial general implant surgery took only about 80 min in total and after 3 days, I forgot I have had any surgery. I didn’t even feel pain after that. Next appointment I had 3 weeks after first one and almost all job was done immediately within couple of next few days. I had 4 teeth missing and now they ( new once ) look very natural and it seems that they are installed in very correct way as if they were always there. Now I feel happy again having what I really had been missing for a long time. Thanks Dr. Amit Goswami and his wife Dr. Vandana. All equipments and service are of very good quality and they always maintain all treatment in professional way as for quality, timing and any other assistance.
Marris, Ireland. ( Dental Implants )
Thank you for the extensive dental work you and your team did for me. I had concerns when I booked you through internet but I was very pleasantly surprised. Your implant work was very professional. Over all I am very happy with your work. I needed more work than original quote but quote was honored. Very pleased with results and have no hesitation in recommending any one in Australia. Thank you once again.
Carle clark, Australia. ( Full mouth Rehabilitation with Dental Implants )
Every experience I’ve had in the dentist’s chair has been miserable, as I am severe patient of “dental phobia” until I met and was treated by Dr. Amit Goswami and Dr. Vandana Goswami at Delhi Dental Center. A root canal treatment was not my idea of meeting a new dentist, but Dr. Amit Goswami is the most compassionate dentist I’ve ever seen. He understands (and therefore can eliminate) fear and pain. The work he’s done on my teeth has been top quality. Add to that his ability to calm the nervous wreck in the chair and you have a combination of skills that can’t be beat. I’m no longer afraid of future cleaning, fillings, etc. and that’s pretty much a miracle. I can’t recommend him enough
Bonem, Israel. ( root canal treatment )
Having just completed my course of treatment, I should like to express my delight at the results. I am sure you will remember that when I first came to see you I was so phobic about dentistry that I hadn’t visited a dentist for over 30 years. But Dr. Amit Goswami and Dr. Vandana Goswam at Delhi Dental Center were friendly and non-judgmental and, in just the initial session, you gave me sufficient confidence to embark on a course of treatment that not only restored the appearance of my mouth but improved it. I have been particularly impressed by the care that both of you have taken over every aspect of the treatment. The result is that, after previously being embarrassed to open my mouth, I am now able to smile, laugh and eat with confidence. All the work has been done in time frame of as less than as 4 -5 days. The before–and-after pictures speak for themselves, and I shall have no hesitation in recommending your practice to any of my friends and acquaintances
Anthony, London. (full mouth rehabilitation)
I am very happy with my new smile. It is difficult to remember what my old smile ever looked like. However, I remember always being self conscious of smiling and never liking the way my teeth looked. I am no longer uncomfortable smiling which is a huge change on a daily basis! Those that know I had dental work done are very impressed with the outcome – in this short time frame, My teeth and smile look like the one I should have been born with. I am happy with the immediate orthodontics you have done to enrich my smile. I came to Delhi Dental Center, as my engagement was fixed and marriage was fixed after 7 months after – in that short time period you have done a very perfect job, you have corrected my smile and my tooth discoloration due to fluorosis too… I am very thankful to you for my new smile.
VIVEK, India. ( Orthodontic treatment and tooth whitening).
Thank you for my smile make-over. For as long as I can remember I have disliked the appearance of my teeth – as front 2 upper teeth were broken and teeth were discolored, by which I lack the confidence to smile. That all changed the day I first walked into your office, you gave me sufficient confidence to embark on a course of treatment that not only restored the appearance of my mouth but improved it. I have been particularly impressed by the care that both of you have taken over every aspect of the treatment. I knew that I had finally found the right dentists and support staff. Whenever I come in I feel like I am with family. Once again I thank you for giving me the self confidence I lacked for so many years. I have waited 47 years to have the smile I show off today.
Mrs. SHARMA, India. ( smile Make-Over )
I underwent single sitting root canal treatment with endo-motor , nice thing I saw in Delhi. It was out standing, no pain – all procedure was painless and so fast. Within one hour full procedure was over. I was able to save my time of 4-5 sittings recommended by other clinics in Delhi. Thank you Dr. goswami. I sincerely recommend his center to everyone.
Annie, Australia. ( Root Canal Treatment )
I was apprehensive for getting a root canal treatment done for my self, and then when I went to Delhi dental center, they explained every thing with video files – very impressive, easy to understand the procedure. The doctors took too much of pain to treat a difficult patient like me. Procedure was pain less done in time and I am happy with the service. I recommend them greatly.
Rakesh, Delhi
The clinic was very clean and tidy. They take good care for sterilization. They take extra emphasis on full screening and proper diagnosis which I like the most. They stick to time schedule. Explained me every thing with video files – very nicely. Job greatly done. Thanks for your services. Give them a try……
Suvenja, Austria.
Very clean, hygienic and strict sterilization at clinic. He explains everything in detail and answers all your queries. His work is very good. I have never got better results of scaling & bleaching. All tooth stains were removed well – drastic change in tooth color shade – like my new smile. I am very thankful for the good job done. Would highly recommend this clinic to everyone.
Cindy, Arizona – USA.
Thank you for giving me fantastic straight teeth an all new smile. I cannot tell you how much my confidence has grown. I wish you all the best success.
Naina, New Delhi.
Thank you so much for treating my teeth so well. All the root canal treatment and the bridge are perfect and the tooth color looks all natural. Full dental treatment done in 4 days, cost only one fifth of what I had to pay in England. Nice job done. Wish you the best.
Austin, Edinburgh – UK.
“I have had dental work done both here in India and abroad. Every time I went in, it hurt. Then I got one of my tooth infected with deep cavity and for its treatment I met Dr. Amit Goswami at Delhi Dental Center. He assured me that it wouldn’t hurt, while doing an R.C.T. in my tooth, at first I was very nervous. But he was right! It was completely painless. I feel very grateful now, because I am not afraid in getting any dental treatment anymore.”
Rohan, New York – USA. ( Root Canal Therapy )
I am not a very easily pleased person, especially when it comes to my teeth and my mouth. I have seen a number of dentists as my entire front teeth were in very bad state due to fluorosis, and they all wanted to crown all my teeth or sell me some other dental treatment that I didn’t need. Then I met Dr. Amit Goswami and Dr. Vandana Goswami at Delhi Dental Center. They were different. They listened to me, and only recommended what I really needed. Laser tooth whitening has shown great results and there work was the best. I am very happy to recommend them.
Sarita, India. ( Tooth Whitening )