How long does an All on 4 denture implant last, in years ?

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There are several factors that will affect the longevity of every dental implant case.

Some of this area:

1 – Hygiene habit of the pt. (Frequency of brushing, flossing and water pick)

2 – Use of alcohol (how frequent) and smoking.

3 – Hereditary factors (medical conditions).

4 – Type of diet.


The materials use to finish the All on four case Will also affect the longevity at least of the prosthesis.

1- Plastic teeth and acrylic dentures will wear out quicker depending what it opposes, if it opposes natural teeth, zirconia, porcelain they will wear out quicker. If similar materials are used zirconia vs. zirconia this will last many years as this material is extremely durable.

2- Type of diet will also cause plastic teeth to wear faster as well.

We typically give our patients an occlusal guard to further protect the prosthesis and the implants as well.

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