Dental Braces Treatment

Traditionally, in olden days the Dental Braces Treatment Procedure were uncomfortable, metal contraptions that were painful to wear and often led to injury of the inside of the mouth, causing sores and damage.

Braces for Youngs

Furthermore, the teeth braces were unsightly and since braces are commonly worn by adolescents and young adults, wearing them could often lead to loss of self-esteem.

Invisible Braces

Nowadays, we have Adult Invisible tooth coloured ceramic Dental Braces treatment procedures in New Delhi – India, are less noticeable and more inconspicuous.

What are Braces

These teeth brackets that attach to each tooth are smaller or may be attached to the back of the teeth where they are less visible. In addition, teeth braces can be made of ceramic, plastic, metals or a combination of these materials and can also be made tooth colored.

In addition, brackets can be customized and shaped into “smileys” of footballs, for example.

Available in two forms, braces may be either fixed and worn at all times apart from when they are removed by a dentist or removable, in which case the patient can take them out if they want to.