Root Canal

Root canal or endodontic treatment— is a treatment that uses to be done to the inside of the tooth — this procedure becomes necessary when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected.

The inflammation or infection in the pulp can be caused by a variety reasons :

  • Deep decay,
  • Repeated dental procedures on the tooth,
  • Faulty crowns, or a
  • Crack or chip in the tooth.


  • Trauma to a tooth may cause pulp damage even if the tooth has no visible chips or cracks.

If pulp inflammation or infection in the pulp tissue is left untreated, it can cause pain or lead to an abscess around the tooth.

During the course of Root canal or Endodontic treatment, the inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha.

Afterwards, the root canal treated tooth has to be restored with a Dental Crown for protection. After restoration, the tooth continues to function like any other tooth.


Endodontic treatment helps you maintain your natural smile, continue eating the foods you love and limit the need for ongoing dental work. With proper care, most teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a lifetime.



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