Componeers – (instant-veneers)

Delhi Dental center – Welcomes people looking for Direct in-office instant composite, all porcelain, full ceramic, Zirconia CAD CAM Dental veneer treatment procedures in Delhi, India.

If you are Interested in affordable budget best price and low cost of smile designing and transformation with the help of Dental Veneers which are Durable; Inexpensive – Repairable alternative to expensive porcelain veneers, we invite you to learn more about a new revolutionary dental technology — COMPONEERS.

Componeers are similar to porcelain dental veneers but are made of Composite resin and are placed in a single visit at our Dental Office in New Delhi in India. Componeers are more durable and repairable than any other typical porcelain veneer in the market.

They are readymade so can be place on your tooth instantly, in-office chair side in just less than 45 minutes time, so the whole process of getting your dream smile can be achieved in as little as 45 minutes time and that too at a fraction of cost compared to regular ceramic veneer.


Where can we use Componeers ?


With use of this new technology for direct veneers a full new smiles can be given to a person in just one hour’s time and just a single visit treatment by cosmetic dentist Dr. Amit Goswami and Dr. Vandana Goswami at Delhi Dental Center in East Delhi India.

These pre shaped veneers are available in different sizes and are easy to use for single tooth reconstruction as well as complete reconstruction in the anterior region – the time consuming shaping of teeth to anatomical shape – elaborate trimming are no longer required – these Componeers can be coustomised to individual requirements with composite at any time.

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