What is a Dental Bridge?


Dental bridge is one of the numbers of alternatives to fill a gap created by a missing tooth (or teeth). Dental bridge is a custom-made false tooth or teeth that are permanently placed between two healthy teeth, filling in the area left by a missing tooth or teeth. The bridge is held in place by two adjacent crowns placed on the healthy teeth on each side of space to be filled.

We have various different materials to be used for dental bridge work –

Acrylic material – this is used for fabrication of a temporary bridge.

Composite material – this is used for anterior crowns as well as sometime for posterior area as well..

Porcelain Ceramic fused to metal material – this is conventional crown material – is in use since long time in Dentistry – this is a permanent crown material, in which we give metal in the copping of the crown and then we layer it to desired shade of porcelain that will match the adjacent natural crown so that we can match the color of both natural as well as artificial work…

Zirconia – metal free material – these are the latest crown material in dentistry, these are made by CAD CAM technique, are very precise in there fit, margins are well defined..these are very bio-inert material and so gum shrinkage around them in time is minimal I can say….

As these are metal free – the shade matching is brilliant – they look next to naturalvery light in weight …. Very durable.. Strength wise they are good as well….


ddc crown (1)

Advantages and Benefits of a Dental Bridges:


  • Prime function of a bridge is to Restores your smile mostly in the front region for the missing tooth space.
  • With help of a bridge we do change your crooked smile to a smile to love by doing Cosmetic Smile Designing, Smile Make-over procedures…
  • Restores your ability to properly chew & eat the food you love.
  • Restores your ability to speak well
  • Restores and maintains the proper shape of your face.
  • Distributes the masticatory forces uniformly in your bite by replacing missing teeth.
  • Prevents remaining teeth from drifting out of position.
  • Helps preserve the natural function and position of the teeth.