Post and Core Build-up Treatment for broken teeth

Endodontist, a root canal specialist at Delhi Dental center, will do Post and core Build-up treatment procedure for broken root canal treated teeth.

Endodontically treated teeth have a number of characteristics that makes them different than normal “vital” teeth (teeth with live nerves inside them).

Root canal, Endodontic treated teeth tend to be more brittle than vital teeth.

These teeth need special treatment, or they tend to break a few years time, especially — back teeth that have broad biting surfaces.

So if you had a large decay or the tooth had too much of destructed part and you had got an RCT done for your tooth — then for the final restoration to stay at his place after root canal filling, you need a Post and Core Build-up for that tooth of yours.

post and core is a dental restoration used to sufficiently build-up tooth structure for future restoration with a crown when there is not enough tooth structure to properly retain the crown, due to loss of tooth structure.

Post placement involves the cementation of a — Metallic post, Glass-fiber pin, RIBBOND Bondable Reinforcement Ribbon combined with any dual cured composite based resin cement in the root canal and building up the permanent filling around it. This whole thing makes your tooth structure a bit strong and the post helps the restoration to stay in place.


Treatment Procedure for Post & Core build-up

STEP – 1 :

Post and Core Buildup

Our dentist at Delhi Dental Center will first take an X- Ray to see how is the root filling, then will remove some of the gutta percha that was used to seal one or more of the root canals in the tooth.

Then, using a series of graduated gates drill bits, the inside of the canals are enlarged and shaped to receive a specially made metal / fiber “post” that exactly fits the hole made by the last bit.

The post is then cemented in the hole so that it is firmly embedded in the root and will be able to retain the filling over it.

STEP – 2 :

We will then assess hoe firm is the post placement and then will fill the crown portion of the tooth with the help of composite material and then will do the crown preparation of the tooth and will take an impression of the prepared tooth structure for dental crown fabrication.

Composite Filling Arround The PostCrown Prepration DoneImpression of the tooth taken

STAGE – 3 :

Post and Core Buildup

We will check the fit and shade of your prepared dental crown and bridge work and then will paste the dental crown or dental bridge in place with a dental cement.