How much does a Root Canal Treatment Cost in Delhi India

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We are the RCT specialist in doing root canal therapy and we do all sort of case including cases of :–

  • Curved dental canals
  • Third molar root canal treatments
  • Wisdom tooth root canal therapy

Cost for Full Root Canal Treatment depends on –

1).  Materials and technique used to do root canal treatment.

See the cost of a root canal treatment starts from 4500 INR goes up to 15,000 INR per tooth.

It all depends upon the root canal files we are going to use for cleaning the root canal – if we are using branded company files they are expensive, if we are doing single sitting root canal treatment – then it will be expensive.

Then comes the root canal cement which we are going to use for you – if it will be good it will be expensive.

2).  Machines we are going to use.

See if we do root canal in a proper way then we have to use –

  • Rotary endodontic motor with rotary files.
  • Apex locator to find the apex of the root tip properly.
  • RVG digital x-ray to the length of our files in the canal.
  • Final root canal filling with Obturation pen and the gun.

3). Post and Core Build-up for the tooth.

Some times when the tooth is too much decayed then we have to do a post and core buildup of the tooth structure with Fiber posts which acts as a foundation pillar for the tooth filling in the crown part of the tooth. This will be an additional expense that patient has to bear.

4). Dental crown on your tooth.

This is the final step of the whole process to protect the tooth after getting your root canal filling done…

The cost of a dental crowns after root canal treatment is separate and additional to the root canal treatment as both the procedures are different to each other.

You can opt for a conventional metal porcelain dental crown or the latest Zirconia CAD CAM metal free computer designed all porcelain full ceramic Dental crowns.

Cost for your single tooth root canal treatment from 50 USD $ to 200 USD $.

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