Root canal specialist dentist in Delhi India Dr. Goswami of Delhi Dental Center, will always tell their patients about the after care for their root canal treated teeth as :

Root canal treatment does NOT always have a 100% success rate.

There are many situations & oral conditions that could contribute to the return of infection and/or inflammation even in well root canal treated tooth.

You should expect to pay 50-70% more for root canal retreatment because it is more involved. Also referred to as endodontic retreatment, it entails more than just a crown replacement.

Root Canal Retreatment

Things to remember   —


  • It is vital to prevent salivary contamination after root canal treatment.
  • The most important thing you can do is complete your restoration – Dental Crown procedure as quickly as possible.
  • Dental hygiene is also crucial, as further decay can lead to symptoms returning.


  • Decay on nearby teeth can have the same effect.

And even with prompt restoration and great care on your part, other factors could make retreatment necessary.

Natural wear from use over time is always a factor. A tooth may lose its crown or sustain a fracture. Act quickly in either case.

There is also the possibility that unique or intricate root systems went undetected or were mishandled during the original procedure. This is likely the case if there are no obvious reasons why symptoms have returned.

Retreatment is much more involved. Oftentimes, the issue can be hard to find until all of the filling has been removed. The filling itself can present problems as it was intended to be permanent. It could also be made of multiple materials.

Root canal treatment is estimated to have a 90% success rate. Root canal retreatment is estimated to have a 77% success rate.

The goal should be to push those chances as high as possible while saving as much as possible.


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