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Tooth enamel gets discolored due to variety of reasons, there are basically two type of tooth discoloration in general.  Here we have listed these two basic tooth discoloration causes —

Extrinsic stains :::

  1. These stains are caused by extrinsic factors and can be divided into two categories.
  • Some compounds may get incorporated into pellicle in your teeth and produce a stain as a result of their basic color or chromogens in your diet or substances habitually placed in the mouth
  • Some other compounds may be caused by chemical interaction at the tooth surface.
  1. The majority of tooth discoloration are extrinsic in nature and appear as brown integuments.


Intrinsic Stains   :::

  1. Factors for intrinsic staining is present within body either congenital (since birth) or systemic.




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