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The composition of tooth structures will affect the outward appearance of a tooth. Teeth is made up of — three layers: Enamel, dentin and pulp from outward to inward.

Normally, outermost enamel layer is colorless and translucent. Colour of dentin is yellowish. The color of natural teeth is determined by the color and diffuse reflectance of dentin, and the thickness and light scattering effect of enamel. This is termed the “double-layer effect”.

Teeth whitening involves breaking down the dis-colouration so that your teeth look whiter. Whether the process will work for you depends largely on the cause of yours dis-colouration.

Therefore, any structural changes in the enamel, the dentin or the pulp, the light transmitting and light reflecting properties of a tooth are likely to be altered, thus the appearance of your teeth too.

Color of a tooth is affected predominantly by dentin and the translucency of enamel acting as a color modifier.


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