Why replace a missing tooth?

Many people want to know why it is necessary to replace a missing tooth. After all, we have 32 of them, and a few missing here and there is not going to reduce chewing efficiency?

Here on this page we are going to discuss why we need to replace a missing tooth space in our mouth and what happens if we do not replace the missing tooth space.

Whenever there is a missing tooth in an arch, the opposing tooth will start erupting to fill the gap of that tooth till the time it meets the opposing tooth. In doing so:

  • It will over erupt.
  • Create gaps between itself and the adjoining teeth, leading to pockets and food entrapment there.
  • The tooth will also lose bone support and can be mobile.
  • The tooth adjacent to the missing tooth will tilt forward.

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The space lost due to tilting of adjoining teeth and over-eruption of opposing tooth, results in decrease in space for replacement of a new artificial tooth. Thus, if you do not replace a missing tooth space your five adjacent teeth will get effected due to their movement in respect to the free available space around them..

Replace Missing Tooth Delhi India

Thus at Delhi Dental Center, we highly recommend all our patients to get treatment for missing tooth space by following different treatment types :–

  • Replace a Missing Tooth space by a Single Dental Implant supported Crown or Implant supported Dental Bridge work.
  • Replace a Missing Tooth space by a conventional Dental Bridge.
  • Replace a Missing Tooth space by a Flipper ( Partial Removable Denture )

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