Sinus Lift and Bone Augmentation Surgery with Bone & Gum Grafting for Dental Implant placement

Sometimes a person may have to extract his upper molar or premolars due to certain reasons and if the missing tooth space is not replaced then the bone will resorb due to masticatory forces and eventually the bone height will be reduced.

If a person had a periodontal problem or gum disease then it will often exacerbate the bone loss. Now the person will need a sinus lift and bone augmentation treatment procedures.

This sinus lift treatment procedure is carried out to raise the sinus floor above your molar and premolar areas.

This procedure involves lifting the sinus membrane and to make space for putting bone graft material there thus making room for new bone formation at the site.


Sinus Lift Procedure Delhi India Sinus Lift Procedure Delhi India


Once we do sinus lift procedure and put a bone graft material there along with PRF we close the area and let the bone heal for at least 6 to 8 months’ time.

In this time the bone formation takes place at the bone grafting site, thus raises our bone height for secure implant placement.

Sinus lift treatment is done only when there is bone loss in upper arch.

This is by no means always the case and there is no effective rule of thumb for saying who will need one and who will not.

We advise individuals to for this treatment when we see there panoramic x–ray or a CT-scan. These can be sent to us as email attachment and we will be happy to advice you our full treatment plan.


Sinus Lift Procedure Delhi India


Delhi Dental Center will respond to prospective patients within 24 hours’ time.

This procedure is carried out using both local anaesthetic and deep sedation so that you will feel neither pain nor anxiety. We do both direct sinus lift as well as indirect sinus lift procedures in Delhi.

Indirect sinus lift procedure

In this we do an opening from the extracted tooth socket or the through the bone osteotomy we did for implant site and uplift the sinus floor and the place bone grafting material and PRF. The space is then closed and left for healing – this procedure we generally do when we are doing immediate implants along with sinus lift.


Direct sinus lift procedure.


Direct sinus lift procedure

In this we open the soft tissue gum flap from the side in between the cheeks and the gums and then we expose the bone. An opening is made through the bone into the sinus cavity, but taking a great care to ensure the membrane lining of the sinus is not punctures.

The lining of the sinus cavity is then gently lifted away from the bone and space above the bone is filled with bone graft material and PRF. The wound is then closed and left for healing.

In next six months’ time ( in general cases ) to nine months ( in extreme cases ) the new bone formation will take place providing a secure anchorage for the dental implant placement.


Sinus Lift Procedure Delhi India


You could expect some swelling and soreness around the area for a day or two following your sinus surgery.

During this period, you need to avoid sneezing and blowing your nose as it could lead to dislodgement of the graft material.

A single sinus lift usually starts from 35,000 to 50,000 INR so if you need to get sinus lift for both the sides then the cost will come around 70,000 to 1,00,000 INR.

The cost goes up in cases where too much of bone graft material along with bone graft putty has to be used.

We at Delhi Dental Center will be happy to give you a proper quote for the treatment as soon as we get your x-rays or a CT-scan.


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