Benefits and advantages of implant crowns

There are various benefits and advantages of having a dental implant supported crown over a conventional dental crown, here we have enlisted a few important points about that.

  • Replace a missing tooth space with a stable, secure and fixed new false tooth cap on an implant.
  • Let’s you eat what you want with natural biting force as compared to dentures or bridges as it provides strength
  • Your implant crown saves healthy existing teeth as there is no need to prep adjacent teeth or place load over them. An implant crown is self-reliant.
  • Implant crowns prevents bone loss of surrounding teeth and stop them from drifting into empty space of the missing tooth
  • Gives a nice and natural looking smile.
  • Offers a long-lasting solution that often lasts for a life-time.
  • No more caries under your crown, as dental implant will not decay.
  • Corrects an altered bite.

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