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The Cost of Tooth Dental Implant supported Dental Bridges.. in Delhi includes (  No Hidden fees..  )

  • Cost of tooth Dental Implants  +  implant supported Dental Bridge.
  • Bone graft material  +  PRF material used.
  • No Additional cost for study models, dental x-rays
  • No charge for tooth extraction is needed.

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People looking for best price low cost of dental implant treatment procedure has to look for certain things before selecting a dental implant clinic for their dental implant treatment needs. As with many dental treatment prices, the fees for implant treatment vary from clinic to clinic — each clinic is going to give you a very different price tag.

Our Delhi Dental Center in India has been looked over by people in more than 70 countries for providing best price low cost affordable dental implant treatment as compared to implant treatment in America, Canada, and Australia, eastern European countries as Budapest in Hungary, check republic etc and Bangkok Thailand.

If you calculate the total price of dental implant treatment price of a clinic in Thailand and ours, you will be saving more than 50 % on your treatment price…

It is important for the person to remember that there are three different components which are to be considered for replacing a missing tooth by an implant –


First.     Implant Surgical Procedure.


The cost for dental implant surgical treatment procedure varies because of sterilization techniques used in the clinic. The equipment and machines used for surgery.


Like at Delhi Dental Center at cost varies according to the following things –

  • We regularly used PRF and Bone Grafting crystals for better healing and fast recovery of gum and bone tissue so the cost goes a bit up but success rate also goes up…
  • If the upper jaw bone has big pneumatized sinus then we might have to go for Sinus Lift procedure and Bone Grafting at the site and this reflects in your bill.
  • In lower jaw if the ridge is narrow then we might have to do Ridge Split and Bone Grafting – with this procedure the cost will go up a bit…


Second.      Implant and the Abutment.


Dental Implant


The price is very much variable and it is because different companies have different implant designs and different thread designs for their implants — all implants are made of high grade titanium and are properly sterilized and packed.


The price is very much variable and it is because different companies have different implant designs and different thread designs for their implants — all implants are made of high grade titanium and are properly sterilized and packed.

  • At our implant clinic we have Immediate Loading Immediate Function implants – only few companies make these types of implants and the price of the implant will start from 25,000 INR onwards………….


  • Conventional implants will cost you 20,000 INR onwards……………


  • If you have very – very less bone or very thin bone condition, then we are the only clinic in Delhi to provide you the option to have IHDE-Blade implants  and they come for 45,000 INR onwards…
Zirconia Crown Treatment Delhi

Abutment for the Implant.


The price for the abutment is normal for a straight abutment, for angulated abutment the price is a bit more and for zirconia metal free aesthetic abutments the price is a bit high depends on which implants are we using – this cost will be between 10,000 to 15,000 INR per abutment used.


Third.     Dental Crown and Bridge on Implants


For crown and bridge work on implants we at Delhi Dental Center have various options:


  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns – there are two type one is conventional comes for 4500 INR per crown and the 2nd one is CAD/ CAM one which is for 6500 INR per crown.


  • Metal free Zirconia crowns – the range for different metal free crowns on implants starts from 10,000 INR onwards per crown



For more details and best price offers for your implant treatment from Delhi Dental Center kindly contact us or please fill our patient enquiry form.


Strict sterilization protocol Maintained..