1st visit : Dental Consultation, Examination and X-Rays.

Examination and X-Rays for dental implant

  • At Dental Dental Center — Dr Amit Goswami and Dr Vandana Goswami will do dental examination and will take your X – rays.
  • If needed they will take impressions for both upper and lower jaw bones to study the feasibility for a dental implant supported fixed dentures or partial dentures for you.
  • Duration – 20 to 30 minutes.

2nd visit : Installing the Dental Implant.

Installing the Dental Implant

  • We will make the area numb and the Implants will be inserted in the jaw bone.
  • We generally use 2 implants for upper and lower arches but we can use 4 implants in each arch too for added retention.
  • Temporary dentures can be worn till the time your over-dentures are being made.
  • Duration – 30 to 60 minutes.

3rd visit : Attaching a ball or a bar for retention of fixed implant denture.

Attaching a ball

  • Dentist will confirm that implants are integrated well with your bone, then we will fix ball or a bar to the implants so that on these the over denture can get fixed and they act as a clip to hold the denture on the implants.
  • Duration – 30 minutes.

4th visit : Fixation of denture to the Implants.

implant fixed dentures

  • Dental Implant Fixed Denture is inserted and placed well. All esthetics checked.
  • Now your implant with fixed denture will feel and functions like your own natural teeth.
  • Do your usual dental hygiene to keep the implant over-denture and gum around it clean and healthy.
  • Duration – 30 minutes.

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